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Network Video Management Systems. Complete NVR recording solutions for IP video cameras as well as analog video feeds. Contains all the applications and utilities necessary for 24/7 surveillance. Software only or turnkey solutions available.


StreamCast is a software product designed to 're-serve' video via unicast Ip connections. Multiple users can view live video from a single video stream. Streamcast enhances this ability by regulating connection time, frame rate and other parameters. Streamcast can run in multiple modes including an on demand capability as well as a dedicated 24/7 recording solution.

IR2 Recorder

Interview Room Record (IR2) has been designed for police interview rooms. Unlike other solutions in the industry, High resolution (HD and beyond) video, audio and notes are recorded and synchronized in real time. Record up to four video feeds per room. Audio is CD quality discreet microphone audio for serious quality when you need it.

CR2 Recorder

Court Room Recorder (CR2) has been designed for Arraignment court environments. Record High resolution audio with Court Recorder notes. All audio and notes are synchronized for efficient playback. Unique capabilities include the ability to add information to previous cases in real time, with auto-formatting text flow.

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Command Center

Command Center (C2) is an IP aware virtual video wall (video matrix) product. It aggregates multiple standard PCs and monitors into a single video wall of any dimensions as well as a virtual video wall across several sites. Superior to Analog matrix switchers, HD video can be viewed on any supported monitor(s).

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Client Viewers

Comprehensive Java and ActiveX Viewers for remote view and playback of view streams. Client / Server and Direct connect modes ensure connectivity on most any network.
TruTrack TruTrack TruTrack utilizes an advanced algorithm to track movement in a camera field, without a fixed reference frame.



Applications available from JDS. Provides maintenance functions as well as productivity enhancements.

Viewers -Components

Viewers - Components

JDS has many unique viewers and components designed for standalone use or as embedded objects into third party applications. These are designed to be a 'custom fit' complement to JDS standard products. Many can be used with legacy NVR systems without modification.
Viewers -Components

Tool Kits - SDKs

For more information regarding these components Contact us.

Viewers -Components

Custom Development

JDS has written many custom components and turnkey solutions for security and non security use. Contact us for more information