NVMS Packages


   Softsite Enterprise 2

Softsite Enterprise 2 is a comprehensive Digital Video Surveillance Management System. Unlike DVR technology, NVR technology is software based and runs on all current versions MS Windows based computers. High-resolution video feeds are streamed digitally from IP based cameras and video encoders. This allows the video sources to be located anywhere provided IP based connectivity can be established. NVR’s require no special capture cards or hardware to function, and will run on most any current PC. Video is recorded digitally to generic computer disk drives with capacities from weeks to years’ worth of instantly available, non-degrading video footage. Each frame is time stamped to sub-millisecond resolution and can be found with a few mouse clicks for hardcopy, review or export. more ...

   Softsite Enterprise 3

Softsite Enterprise 3 adds additional features over Softsite Enterprise 2. H.264 compatibility in live, recording and playback. Enhanced features include 360 Dewarp functions from multiple vendors. Storage enhancements include Coldstore technology as well as support for very large files, in excess of 2 GB/hr. more ...

   Softsite 4

Softsite 4 is a revolution in NVR software design. It is a highly dynamic application that can provide real time information beyond video. Based on Avionic messaging systems, Softsite 4 is aware of advanced functions such as low frame rate, frame jitter and other functions. It it designed for the most demanding environments, yet can ship in a Lite format with basic functionality and an attractive price point.

Built with auto-discovery, Nodes of Softsite 4 can be found quickly with all statistics about each node clearly shown on screen. In the event of Node failure, the Node controller can be configured to redistribute the live sessions to auxiliary Nodes or existing Nodes.

Softsite 4 is available in three version Lite, Pro and Enterprise. more ...