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  • Designed with Law Enforcement personnel input.
  • Simple to use interface
  • Case information can be entered pre, post, or live
  • Automated time index with file pinpointing
  • Notes can be free formed typed and automatically text wrap
  • Camera counts available from 1 to 4 per room
  • Simple export utility (One Click Burn)
  • Includes playback utility with POI jump to
  • Transcription panel interface included
  • Full synchronization of MJPEG video and audio
  • Industry standard file exports
  • Live recording text edits Post note capable
  • System can be designed to be portable
  • Utilizes standard PC equipment
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IR2 is designed to make the interview process easier to record, facilitate, annotate, and export. Utilizing patented technology and a wide array of design input, IR2 has an unparalleled feature set that is easy to use, and extremely powerful. IR2 will support up to 4 cameras per room at any resolution or frame rate. Industry standard file types are used throughout the product. Case information, and notes can be entered at any time, the use of discrete audio insures the highest quality audio is being recorded. Interview Room Recorder is simple to use allowing the best user experience possible.

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Additional Information:

The interview room recorder is designed to work with standard PC equipment. Analog or IP cameras can be used depending on design needs. Discrete microphone input allows for the best audio quality to be recorded. Contact us for more information

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