Made in Michigan, USA

JDS Digital Security Systems has been developing surveillance software solutions since 1999. We have a very extensive computer software development background that predates the PC's birth in the late 1970s.

This master level of experience is leveraged in providing our clients the solution they need, not just what is 'on the menu'.

 We are a privately held entity based in New Baltimore, Michigan, USA and have a comprehensive portfolio of patented technology. Our patents explicitly pertain to IP intelligent video, network device licensing, video analytics as well as device discovery and auto configuration.

As a 'grandfather' of the IP surveillance industry, JDS has a significant install base worldwide, in most every discipline. Schools, prisons, manufacturing facilities, retail centers and many, many others use our comprehensive application suites. Softsite32 Enterprise, our flagship solution, is an IP based open architecture video platform.

Proven in US Federal Court, this video engine allows JDS to provide industry leading video delivery and content management. JDS software solutions are offered as standalone turnkey products, ActiveX and JAVA interfaces as well as OEM solutions for specialized or commercial use. We have extensive aerospace surveillance experience and have complete solutions and components for aircraft cabin surveillance, space based vehicles and military use.

The products are distilled from our core technology and are a significant component of our portfolio. For additional information on JDS or to inquire further, email us at inquiry (at)

The JDS Advantage

JDS is one of the first companies in the IP surveillance field. We have been developing our solutions since the turn of the millennium. We have watched companies come and go in this time period and have continued to grow in this marketplace. We are currently on our ninth generation of our technology and continue in extensive R & D of new products. We have a significant install base worldwide running reliably 24/7.

JDS's software systems are 100% developed in house. We own all of our code. We do not rely on third party streaming engines from camera manufactures or other companies. This allows us to tune our products to achieve the highest thruput per CPU processing unit in the industry. This also means that customizing at any level is a fast and efficient process. We have many custom applications built on the foundation of our core technologies.

Performance and scalability are becoming increasingly important as mega pixel and multi-mega pixel cameras are implemented in main stream surveillance systems. With JDS, less CPU horsepower is needed to achieve the camera density desired. This equates to a much lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Camera density is also a major JDS advantage. Our systems are designed to handle hundreds of cameras per PC system. With current hardware technology, it is possible to stream well over 1,000 cameras per PC. More specifically, 100 VGA cameras at 5 to 7 FPS recording on full motion to internal Raid arrays are in production worldwide, with average PC hardware, from multiple hardware vendors.

Another advantage, which is very important, is our patented disk writing methods. JDS uses no database to record video. Everything is streamed direct to disk into a patented archive directory structure. While other systems are limited to 600,000 frames of video per camera, JDS's systems have near infinite capacity. On 32 bit Windows platforms with sufficient storage, 16 cameras can record 30 FPS non stop for 33,000+ years each.

The most significant advantage is our system reliability. JDS products run continuously. Typically, our customers report that we have 'set and forget' functionality. We have cases where our software has been running arrays of cameras for years... and one Federal Prison running our software on hundreds of cameras non stop for 5 1/2 years... and was restarted only because the CPU was replaced with newer hardware.